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Wallet T&C

LOTS E-Wallet Terms & Conditions


I.        Introduction

(a)    Overview of LOTS E-Wallet:

CP Wholesale India Private Limited (“LOTS”) has issued a closed wallet (“LOTS E-Wallet”) to all its registered members (“LOTS E-Wallet Holders”) shopping from LOTS website, BDA application and LOTS mobile application (together, “LOTS E-commerce Platforms”) .

(b)    Applicability of Terms and Conditions:

The LOTS E-Wallet Holders’ use of the LOTS E-Wallet shall be subject to these LOTS E-Wallet Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) read with LOTS’ Return and Refund Policy, Delivery Policy, Terms and Condition on the E-commerce Platform and the terms and conditions applicable from time-to-time to various Cashback Credits (defined below). In case of any conflict between these Terms and other LOTS terms or policies, in relation to the subject matter set out hereunder these Terms shall prevail.

II.      LOTS E-Wallet

(a)    Loading of the LOTS E-Wallet:

o   The LOTS E-Wallet can be loaded only by LOTS Team and the LOTS E-Wallet cannot be used by LOTS E-Wallet Holders to manually load or top-up.  Any refund corresponding to the return of products purchased by LOTS E-Wallet holder will be represented as the transaction heading ‘Goods Returned’ in the LOTS E-Wallet.

o   LOTS may sometimes run promotional schemes or offer discount vouchersThese ad-hoc monetary benefits shall be available as ‘Cashback Credits’ to the LOTS E-Wallet Holder. LOTS E-WalletLOTS E-WalletAll such promotional discounts/voucher shall directly be transferred and added to the LOTS E-Wallet by LOTS team.

o   The amount available to the LOTS E-Wallet Holder against the transactions falling under Goods Returned and Cashback Credits together shall be represented as the total summation  under the ‘Refund Amount ’ module in the LOTS E-Wallet. The LOTS E-Wallet Holder can review the repective entries  under the “All transactions” tab  available in the LOTS E-Wallet. 

(b)    Use of the LOTS E-Wallet:

o   LOTS E-Wallet Holders may use the Refund Amount only for purchasing goods sold on the LOTS E-commerce Platforms which are all owned and operated by LOTS.

o   The Refund Amount cannot be utilized for any other purpose, including for purchasing goods from LOTS’ brick and mortar stores (“LOTS Stores”), or purchasing goods or services from any third-party marketplaces or stores, whether online or offline.

o   The  Refund Amount shall be automatically debited/adjusted against the order value in the subsequent purchase of goods’ transaction from the LOTS E-commerce Platforms. If a purchase value exceeds the total E-Wallet balance available in the LOTS E-Wallet, the LOTS E-Wallet Holder may utilize any other available mode of payment that can cover the remaining amount.

o   In case of any technical failures, where the LOTS E-Wallet amount is debited and the order was not successfully placed on the LOTS E-commerce Platform, the LOTS E-Wallet Holder may reach out to the customer care team at contactus@cpwi.in for assistance and reinstanting the LOTS E-Wallet balance .

III.    Terms and Conditions for adding Refund against Good Returned/Item Shortage 

(a)    In case of any exchange or return of products purchased from LOTS or in case of any item shortage in the order delivered, the corresponding refund of the amount paid shall be subject to LOTS’ Return and Refund Policy which permits the exchange,return and refund of certain products purchased by LOTS E-Wallet Holders within specified timelines.

(b)    Return and refund of products for pre-paid Orders:

o   Refunds corresponding to the return of products purchased on a pre-paid basis from LOTS E-commerce Platforms, shall be credited back to the pre-paid mode/source only, unless the LOTS E-Wallet has been used to make part payment for the order.

o   If the LOTS E-Wallet balance was used to make part payment for the order along with pre-paid mode of payment, then the refund in case of returns shall be processed in order of priority i.e. first the refund will be processed to the source of pre-paid mode and the balance if any shall be processed to the LOTS E-Wallet. For instance, if an order is placed for a value of Rs. 1000/- where Rs. 500/- is paid via pre-paid mode and Rs. 500/- is paid via LOTS E-Wallet Refund Amount; in case of return of items worth Rs. 600, the refund of Rs. 500/- shall be processed back to the pre-paid mode/source and Rs. 100 shall be processed to the Refund Amount module of the LOTS E-Wallet. 

(c)     The Refund Amount in the LOTS E-Wallet cannot be redeemed in cash or transferred to the LOTS E-Wallet holder’s bank account in India. The Refund Amount is personal to each LOTS E-Wallet Holder and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to others, or used for any unauthorized purpose. 

IV.   Terms and Conditions for adding  Cashback Credits 

(a)    The Cashback Credits shall be applicable on limited time offers, schemes and promotions on LOTS E-Commerce Platforms and may be available for one-time use in the LOTS E-Wallet. The Cashback Credits shall stand added to the LOTS E-Wallet subject to the fulfillment of the applicable terms and conditions as communicated by LOTS from time to time. In case if the customer does not avail/use such promo cashback which is credited for a limited period for the purpose of redemption; LOTS reserves the right to roll back such credits upon expiry of such limited period and deduct the said amount from the total Refund Amount balance available in the LOTS E-Wallet of such customer. For customer reference; a “Cashback Debit” will reflect under “All Transactions” tab in the LOTS E- Wallet account. Additionally, if any variation is discovered in the cashback calculation by LOTS; a Cashback Debit entry will be passed to settle the difference of extra amount credited earlier at the discretion of LOTS. The terms and conditions will set out (amongst other things) the products to which, and the period for which, the Cashback Credits will apply. The Cashback Credits will reflect for utilization under Refund Amount module in the LOTS E-Wallet.

(b)    The Cashback Credits cannot be redeemed in cash or transferred to the LOTS E-Wallet holder’s bank account in India. The Cashback Credits once utilized shall not be refunded even in case of return/refund of items.

V.     Expiry and forfeiture of LOTS E-Wallet Refund Amount

There shall be no expiry date for the Refund Amount and the same shall remain in the LOTS E-Wallet until the LOTS E-Wallet/registration account stays active, except the Cashback Credits that form part of the Refund Amount which may expire for utilization as per the terms and conditions applicable to such Credits as more clearly specified in clause IV(a) aforementioned above.

(a)    In the event of deactivation/termination of the LOTS E-Wallet Holders’ membership/registration, due to misleading, deceptive, illegal acts or omissions, attributable to the LOTS E-Wallet Holders, the Refund Amount in the LOTS E-Wallet shall stand forfeited. However, if the membership is suspended or deactivated due to failure to provide updated license/registration documents, and the LOTS E-Wallet Holder fails to activate the membership within the period as may be specified by LOTS, LOTS E-Wallet Holder may follow the process outlined below to claim the Refund Amount. If the LOTS E-Wallet Holder fails to claim the Refund Amount balance,  such amount may stand forfeited.

(b)    Only in restricted scenarios as mentioned herein (i.e in case of fraudulent or erroneous transactions not invoked by LOTS E-Wallet holder, dispute in refund amount, failed transactions or termination of the LOTS E-Wallet holder’s business relationship with LOTS), subject to LOTS’ sole discretion, LOTS may permit LOTS E-Wallet Holders to transfer the Refund Amount balance into their bank account in India. This shall be subject to:

o   obtaining a written request from the LOTS E-Wallet Holder at contactus@cpwi.in; and

o   completion of KYC and other necessary checks as may be specified by LOTS from time to time, to the extent the LOTS E-Wallet Holder qualifies for a transfer of the Refund Amount back to their bank account in India.

(c)     The decision of LOTS in this regard shall be final and binding. Any other consequence of the LOTS E-Wallet Holder terminating their business relationship with LOTS shall be subject to sole discretion of LOTS.

VI.    Business Development Agent

LOTS may designate certain personnel to act as Business Development Agents (“BDA”) and help hotel, restaurant and catering (“HoReCa”) customers that require assistance in placing online order of goods.

Where a HoReCa customer so requires, BDAs may place an order for such customer using the BDA application that is accessible on the designated BDA’s personal device. In doing so, BDAs will select the mode(s) of payment preferred by the customer. If there is existing Refund Amount balance in such customer’s LOTS E-Wallet, it may be debited towards the purchase transaction. Further, if there are any available exclusive Cashback Credits’ applicable to the customer’s order, the BDA will communicate the same to the customer and the LOTS E-Wallet Holder may review  such applied Cashback  Credits under the ‘All transaction” tab available in the LOTS E-Wallet of such customer. To the extent any additional payment is required over and above the available the  Refund Amount balance, the BDA shall notify the customer for payment of such additional amount which may be utilized using any other mode of payment (including COD) towards it. BDA will assist the customer in opting for the appropriate additional mode of payment and processing such payment towards the order.

VII.  General

(a)    LOTS E-Wallet Holders shall not use the LOTS E-Wallet in a way that is misleading or deceptive, or otherwise causes harm to LOTS or other LOTS E-Wallet holders. In the event LOTS is notified, suspects or becomes aware of the  Refund Amount being obtained or used in violation of these Terms, LOTS reserves the right to forthwith, without prior notice, void the LOTS E-Wallet without a refund (including any Refund Amount) suspend or terminate LOTS E-Wallet Holder’s membership with LOTS as well as their ability to use the LOTS E-Commerce Platforms, cancel any order for which payment was initiated through the LOTS E-Wallet, and bill other modes of payment.

(b)    Under no circumstances shall LOTS be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages incurred or suffered by LOTS E-Wallet Holder arising out of or in connection with these Terms, including without limitation lost revenue, loss of income, or loss of business advantage. LOTS does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, no infringement and performance or otherwise arising out of any act or omission that is not attributable to LOTS. LOTS E-Wallet Holders agree that LOTS shall not be liable for any errors, delays, disputes, reversals or losses caused by third parties, including but not limited to any banking institution. Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding, LOTS will not be responsible for any Refund Amount that is lost or stolen or for any consequences due to the unauthorized use of the LOTS E-Wallet. Risk of loss and title for Refund Amount passes to the LOTS E-Wallet Holder upon electronic transmission to the LOTS E-Wallet Holder. LOTS E-Wallet Holders acknowledge and understand that the account login is linked to their mobile phone number and LOTS E-Wallet Holders shall be solely responsible for any liability arising out of the loss/theft/misuse of the mobile phone number.

(c)     LOTS E-Wallet Holders acknowledge and agree that LOTS shall have the right to amend these Terms at its sole discretion without giving any notice. Such amended Terms shall be effective immediately and any other terms and conditions agreed any time before such amendment shall stand null and void. LOTS E-Wallet Holders may visit the LOTS website and/or LOTS mobile application for the updated Terms. If any LOTS E-Wallet Holder does not agree to the Terms, they shall cease using LOTS’ services.

(d)    LOTS E-Wallet Holders will abide by all the applicable laws, rules and / or regulations and keep LOTS indemnified against any damage, loss and claims arising out of LOTS E-Wallet Holders’ negligent acts or omissions. LOTS E-Wallet Holders agree to be bound by these Terms and waive any right to claim ambiguity in these Terms.

(e)    LOTS E-Wallet Holders agree to indemnify and hold LOTS, its affiliates, contractors, employees, officers, directors, agents and its third party suppliers, and partners harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, and liabilities, costs and expenses, including without limitation legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to : (i) use or misuse of the LOTS E-Wallet; (ii) any violation of the Terms of using the LOTS E-Wallet; or (iii) any breach of the representations, warranties, and covenants made by the LOTS E-Wallet Holders.

(f)     These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India and any dispute pursuant hereto shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts at New Delhi.

(g)    In case of any grievances with respect to the LOTS E-Wallet, LOTS E-Wallet Holders may contact contactus@cpwi.in.