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Website Terms & Conditions

CP Wholesale India Private Limited operates its wholesale/cash & carry stores under the brand name of as LOTS Wholesale Solutions ("LOTS") and welcomes you to this website www.lotswholesale.com ("Website").

While LOTS endeavours to display accurate information, errors and omissions may still occur. Accordingly, LOTS does not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may directly or indirectly be caused from any advice, opinion, information, representation or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, contained on this Website.

Changes or updates to the content of this Website may occur without notice. No content on this Website shall add to or change any agreement or contract of Products or services you may have entered with LOTS. If there is any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of this Website and your agreement or contract, the later shall prevail. LOTS reserves the right to refuse access to the Website, terminate accounts, remove or edit content at any time without notice to you.

By accessing / making purchases from the Website, you shall be deemed to be making an affirmative statement of your acceptance of below mentioned terms:

  • You acknowledge that the Product(s) being purchased by you from the Website ("Product") are only for resale, trade, business, institutional and/or industrial use and not for personal consumption. Accordingly, you may make purchases from Website onlyif you: (a) are a registered member of LOTS; and (b) intend to purchase Products for the above said purposes only and not for any personal use.
  • To become a member of LOTS, you shall be required tosubmit duly filled up registration form, along with documents evidencing you as a (i) person/entity with valid VAT/CST/GST registration or trade license issued by any Government Authority/Government Body/Local Self-Government Authority; or (ii) license / registration certificate / membership certificate / registration holder under Shops and Establishment Act; or (iii) Government, Government Body/Authority, a scheduled bank or other Government institution; or (iv) institution having certificate of incorporation or registration as a society or registration as public trust. Additionally, you shall be required to submit a copy of valid permanent account number card (PAN Card) issued as per Income Tax Act, 1961 (in the absence of PAN - declaration in Form 60), at the Member Service Desk of your nearest LOTS store.
  • Upon receipt of any of the above mentioned documents and completion of verification thereof, LOTS shall issue a valid registration card for you ("Registration Card"). Also, to access the Website you will receive a username through an SMS on your registered mobile number. You are required to set your password, by clicking on 'Generate Password' tab displayed on the Website. LOTS reserves the right to reject a membership application without assigning any reason(s) either to an entity/person or any of its authorised representative. You agree not to make purchases from Website for personal use, except for members registered under para. 2(iv) above. You acknowledge and agree that in case it comes to the notice of LOTS that purchases from Website are made for personal use, LOTS shall have the right to terminate your registration forthwith.
  • If you use the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, username and/or password and for restricting access to your computer to prevent unauthorised access to your account. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account, username and/or password. You shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the password is kept confidential and secure and shall inform LOTS immediately if you have any reason to believe that your password has become known to anyone else, or if the password is being, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorised manner, in case of contrary LOTS shall not be responsible for any misuse of your account. Please ensure that the details you provide to LOTS are correct and complete. You agree to inform LOTS immediately of any changes to the information, including your address, pin code or mobile number that you have provided while registering with LOTS, by contacting the Member Service Desk at the LOTS store located near you.
  • The Registration Card is the sole property of LOTS. At any time if you wish to terminate your membership with LOTS, you shall be required to return the Registration Card to LOTS. You shall immediately notify LOTS in case of: (a) loss of the Registration Card; or (b) change of your authorised representative; (c) winding up of your business; or (d) change of ownership of your business; or (e) expiry of documents provided per para. 2 above for registration; or (f) misuse of your account, username and/or password.
  • The order confirmation on the Websiteis acknowledgement that LOTS has received your order, and does not confirm acceptance of your offer to buy the Product(s) ordered. LOTS only accepts your offer, and conclude the contract of sale for a Product ordered by you, when the Product is dispatched to you pursuant to an invoice raised by usand an e-mail confirmation is sent to you that the Product has been dispatched to you. LOTS may inform you in case LOTS is cancelling your entire order or portion of your order for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to availability of inventory, error in Product or pricing information. The refunds for the partially or fully cancelled order shall be processed as per the refund policy. In case you wish to cancel the order you may reach out to LOTS at 1-860-123-5687.
  • You agree to check the billed items against the order at the time of taking delivery of the order. In case of any discrepancy/damage in the orders,you are requested to bring it to the attention to LOTS delivery executive.
  • Your order shall be delivered at the address provided by you at the time of registration with LOTS. You shall inform LOTS immediately of any change in your address, pin code or mobile number that you have provided while registering with LOTS. In the event that a non-delivery/wrong delivery occurs on account of wrong address or any other wrong information provided by you, then in such a case any extra cost incurred by LOTS for loss of goods, collection and/or redelivery shall be claimed from you.
  • LOTS may, from time to time, set up minimum invoice limits and you hereby accord your consent to abide by the same.
  • You may use the following modes of payments to purchase Products from the Website:
    • Debit Cards/Credit Cards/Net Banking;
    • Paytm Wallet; and/or
    • Cash on Delivery;
  • Any order shall be processed only after receipt of confirmation from the payment service provider to LOTS. If there is a payment failure but your account is debited, the amount debited incorrectly shall be refunded to your respective account within 7 working days. However, LOTS shall not be liable for any such incorrectly deducted amount.
  • You acknowledge and agree that prices of the Products are subject to change without any prior intimation.
  • The sale price indicated in respect of the Products are inclusive of local taxes. You shall be responsible for payment of all fees/costs/charges associated with the purchase of Products from us and you agree to bear any and all applicable taxes including but not limited to VAT/CST, service tax, GST, duties and cesses etc.You agree to pay applicable taxes in case of any change in the tax rate leading to change of sale price. LOTS shall charge taxes basis the address provided by you at time of registration. LOTS shall be entitled to recover any liability arising on account of any wrong declaration by you.
  • Your payment for the Product constitutes confirmation of your order on the Website. You agree that your entitlement to warranty shall be governed by the terms of such Product. In case the Product bought by you is damaged, exchange, replacement or refund for such damaged Product shall be governed by the LOTS's Return & Refund Policy.
  • These terms and conditions are valid unless terminated by LOTS. LOTS shall have the right to terminate your use to this Website without assigning any reason thereof. Any loss of business suffered by you due to termination, will be your sole responsibility. Termination by LOTS shall not require any notice and/or refund.
  • You will abide by all the applicable laws, rules and / or regulations and keep LOTS indemnified against any damage, loss and claims arising out of your negligent acts or omissions. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and waive any right to claim ambiguity in these terms and conditions. LOTS disclaims any warranties with regard to the quality or fitness for any purpose of the Product available on the Website.
  • LOTS shall not be responsible or liable for any failure to fulfil its obligations, if such failure is on account of force majeure event. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, force majeure event shall mean such unforeseeable occurrences beyond the reasonable control of LOTS including but not limited to Acts of God, natural catastrophes, frequency interference from external source, epidemics, earthquakes; strikes and blockades either by LOTS personnel or others affecting these terms and conditions; war or war-like conditions, mobilization, revolutions or riots, acts of public enemy, sabotage, terrorism; restriction by or actions, omissions or interventions of government including but not limited to changes in laws, regulations or import/export, security restrictions; disconnection or deterioration of service and/or supply by LOTS 's supplier.
  • In case you wish to notify LOTS in any regards you may reach out to us at by any of the following:

    Attn: Customer Care Department;
    Address: 6th Floor, M3M – Cosmopolitan, Sector 66, Golf Link Extension Road, Gurgaon- 122002, Haryana;
    Email:[email protected]
    Call us: 1-860-123-5687, from Monday to Sunday between 9 am to 6 pm, except on, Bank Holidays & National Holidays.

  • Data protection is an important subject to LOTS. Any personal data, which you provide while registering with LOTS, is used in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations and LOTS privacy policy available at https://lotswholesale.com/index.php/privacy-policy/.
  • You acknowledge and agree that LOTS shall have the right to amend these terms and conditions at its sole discretion without giving any notice. Such amended terms shall be effective immediately and any other terms and conditions agreed any time before such amendment shall stand null and void.
  • You warrant, represent and agree that all the information provided by you to LOTS is true, correct and complete in all respects and do not contain any untrue statement of any fact and no omission has been made of any fact that is directly or indirectly connected therewith or which makes any of the representations misleading and you will keep LOTS indemnified against any damages, claims, penalties and losses arising thereof.
  • LOTS and its suppliers and licensors may make available various Product. Before you act in reliance on any Product, you should confirm any facts that are important to your decision. LOTS makes no warranty as to the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, usefulness, or completeness of any Product. If you find an error or notice something that does not look quite right in the Website, we would appreciate it if you let us know by notifying as per para. 18 above.
    Your feedback is a big part of what helps LOTS to get better at helping you!
    No Products related to health, wellness, prescriptions, or pharmaceuticals are intended to substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a medical professional, and such Products do not cover all possible uses, precautions, side effects, and interactions, and should not be construed to indicate that any drug is safe or effective.
    LOTS assume no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on the Products.
  • You acknowledge and agree that all Product images displayed on the Website are indicative and for illustration purpose only, the actual Product may vary.LOTS makes efforts to maintain accuracy of all information. However, actual Product packaging and materials may contain additional information.
  • You agree to not use the Website in any way that causes, or is likely to cause interruption, damage or may impair the Website or access to it in any way.
  • Subject to compliance with these terms and conditions, LOTS grants you a non-exclusive, limited privilege to access and use this Website.
  • You agree to use the Website and the materials provided therein only for purposes that are permitted by: (a) these terms and conditions; and (b) any applicable law, regulation or generally accepted practices or guide in the relevant jurisdictions.
  • The Website and the processes, and their selection and arrangement, including but not limited to all text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, images, sounds and music (if any), artwork and computer code (collectively, the "Content") on the Website is owned and controlled by LOTS or its supplier's and the design, structure, selection, coordination, expression, look and feel and arrangement of such Content is protected by copyright, patent and trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights.
  • The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on the Website ("Marks") are the property of LOTS or its suppliers. You are not permitted to use the Marks without the prior written consent of LOTS.
  • LOTS owns all intellectual property rights to the trademark "LOTS WHOLESALE SOLUTIONS" and variants thereof, and the domain name, including, without limitation, any and all rights, title and interest in and to copyright, related rights, patents, utility models, designs, know-how, trade secrets and inventions (patent pending), goodwill, source code, meta tags, databases, text, content, graphics, icons, and hyperlinks.
  • Except as expressly provided herein, you acknowledge and agree that you shall not copy, republish, post, display, translate, transmit, reproduce or distribute any Content through any medium without obtaining the necessary authorization from LOTS.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of India and any dispute pursuant hereto shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts at New Delhi.
  • LOTS may send communications including but not limited to information regarding its stores, Website, upcoming offers via limited to information regarding stores, upcoming offers via email, messages, call or business letters for the duration of your membership with LOTS. In case you do not wish to receive any such communication from LOTS, please send an email to [email protected] stating the medium on which you wish to discontinue receiving the communications.

General Terms and Conditions for Offers

  • These terms and conditions are applicable on all registered member of CP Wholesale India Private Limited ("LOTS") having a valid registration card ("Member").
  • hese terms and conditions are applicable on all the offers running in each store of "LOTS Wholesale Solutions"(brand of CP Wholesale India Private Limited).
  • These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the offer specific terms and conditions and in case of any conflict between these general terms and conditions and offer specific terms and conditions, the latter shall prevail over the former.
  • These general terms and conditions are applicable on purchases made by visitingLOTS store or e-commerce website at https://www.lotswholesale.com/ and from LOTS personnel using LOTS BDA application ("App").
  • All prices mentioned in the offers are inclusive of all applicable taxes.
  • Standard Return Policy is applicable on all the offers and the Member may refer the same at https://corporate.lotswholesale.com/faq.
  • LOTS reserves the right to reject any claim made under theoffersin the event LOTS observes any irregularity and/or has reason to believe that a Member has acted in a fraudulent manner and/or engaged in any deceitful/illegal activity and/or non-compliance/breach/contravention of the terms and conditions.
  • All taxes including income tax and gift tax, duties, levies or other statutory dues and charges including handling charges payable in connection with theofferswhich shall be borne solely by the Member and LOTS shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any such taxes, duties, levies or other statutory dues and charges including handling charges.
  • LOTS shall not be liable for any damage or loss including without limitation indirect or consequential losses / damages arising from personal injury, death or damage to property which may be suffered or sustained in connection with theoffers.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions of theoffers, Member agrees to indemnify LOTS and all its associates including director(s), officers, employees and agents from any claim, prosecution, judgment, damage, loss or liability incurred related to its/his/her participation in theoffers.
  • LOTS reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue anyoffer at any time without prior notice. LOTS shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss/damage arising out of any such change, modification, alteration, postponement or cancellation thereof.
  • All decisions of LOTS’ management regarding conduct/process/results of the offersshall be final and binding on all Members.
  • By participating in the offers, Member confirms and waives the applicability of rules and regulations of National Do Not Call Registry and also agrees to receive promotional messages from LOTS per its discretion.
  • Member agrees that participating in anyoffer constitutes grant of permission to LOTS to click photographs of Member and use its/his/her name, photograph, voice and comments for advertising and promotional purposes in any media worldwide, without any additional benefit whatsoever to the Member.
  • All the offersare subject to force majeure circumstances i.e. act of God or any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of LOTS' management. In case of force majeure conditions, no liability of whatsoever nature shall fall upon LOTS with respect to any of theoffers.
  • Member hereby understands and gives its/his/her irrevocable consent for sharing / submitting its/his/her personal information with LOTS.
  • All the offersshall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws in India and the relevant State laws applicable to the specific LOTS store where purchases are made by the Member in accordance with these terms and conditions, as may be amended/modified from time to time. All matters with respect to the offersare subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi only.
  • For more information, Member may call 1860-123-5687 or write at [email protected]